La Luz to La Maroma
La Luz to La Maroma area map

La Luz to La Maroma, via Alamitos.

0.0 0.0 La Luz. Take the road to Alamitos.The sign says: “Alamitos de los Diaz 10”


1.1 Old road to right goes up to Santa Anita mines and on over the mountain to Real de Catorce. Probably no longer passable.


1.8 Top of grade. To the right is the upper trail to Santa Antia mine ruins.


2.4 Continue through El Verde, a little rancho.

El Verde on Alamitos road


4.0 Rancho on the left. Entering an area or high rolling meadows.
3.9 6.3 Trail to the right goes back to the Pueblo Phantasma area.
4.6 7.4 Pass a small rancho and cement tank on the right.
5.1 8.2 Trail to the right returns to Real de Catorce via the San Francisco mines.


8.5 Fork in the road, keep left for La Maroma. Right fork continues down to Alamitos in the next valley. ( Four wheel drive recommended from here to La Maroma.)

Fork to Maroma, looking back to Catorce
5.7 9.2 View of Alamitos on the right.
6.8 10.9 (Low pass, south of Alamitos)

Oat field in the high plateau
8.0 12.9 (another low pass)
8.9 14.3 Obvious shelter cave to right of road.
9.4 15.1 The little rancho of Alamarito in the mid-foreground and Cerro Quemado in the background are at 40 deg W of N.
9.8 15.8 Continue through this area of live oak forest.

Live oak forest
10.2 16.4 Puerto de San Jose. Eastern edge of plateau. Begin descent toward Jordan to the south. Track to right eventually leads to Wadley. (See Real de Catorce to Alamitos via Wadley roadlog.)

Looking south along the eastern side of the range
11.7 18.8 Several ranchos with fields are below the road to the left.
12.5 20.1 The small church on the left is Becerra de Jordan.
13.3 21.4 Keep left. The road to the right goes somewhere else. There is another shelter cave visible under the curve in the road.
14.6 23.5 Keep left. Road to the right to La Alberca.
14.8 23.8 Cross a bridge.
16.2 26.1 Jordan. Church is on the right.
16.7 26.9 Cross an old aqueduct.

An older part of the aqueduct system
17.2 27.7 Cross a large blue pipe. This and the previous aqueduct are part of the water supply system for Matehuala.


29.5 Real de la Maroma. This was a colonial silver mining area. Some of the colonial archecture remains as well as some mine ruins. Turn left in the center of town to return via Matehuala. ( see the Matehuala to San Bartolo and La Maroma roadlog.)

Main Street in Real de la Maroma
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