Matehuala to Real de Catorce
Matahuala to Real de Catorce Roadmap

Miles km

0.0 0.0 Begin log at intersection of Hwy 57 and the highway to Dr. Arroyo in Matehuala
0.3        0.5 The north Matehuala arch (WalMart)
0.6 1.0 Hotel Las Palmas
3.3 5.3

Turn left on highway to Cedral

5.8 9.3

Road from left goes to Matehuala via Ojo de Agua. Continue straight.


Santa Teresa (La Curva)

13.2 21.2 La Laguna on the left and the boulevard into the east side of Cedral. La Laguna has a paleo site with possible human habitation greater than 20,000 years.
13.8 22.2

Pemex on the left

Street to left enters Cedral and goes to the center where there is a good mercado. Continue straight on the bypass.
14.5 23.3

Pemex on left. This is the last gas station, There is no gas in Catorce.

15.4 24.8

End of Cedral bypass. Keep right on the highway.

20.7 33.3

Turn left onto the cobblestone road to Real de Catorce. (Continuing straight for 2.6 miles leads to the turn off to San Juan de Venegas and the thermal swimming pool there. This highway continues on to Venegas and eventually to San Tiburcio on Hwy #54 from Saltillo to Zacatecas.)

23.3 37.5

Antenna tower on right. Sometimes a rainbow on the left. Continue on.

Along the cobblestone road

25.8 41.5

San Antonio de la Cruz. Road to the right goes to Poterillos, 5 km.

26.4 42.5

Old railway cut on the right. Part of the narrow gauge system that once served Catorce. This is a good short walk along the old railway grade. Cerro de la Cruz on the left is a basaltic intrusion.

Old narrow gauge railway
26.9 43.3

Railway grade rejoins the road from the right.

29.5 47.5

Cattle guard crossing


Road to right is the lower entrance to Potrero.

Church in Potrero

31.3 50.4

Potrero clinic on right. Road to right is the upper entrance to Potrero.

31.7 51.0

Espolon. Road to left leads to “Los Arcos”, a high stone aqueduct over another part of the old railway grade.

Los Arcos

32.3 52.0

La Luz. Site of the Santa Anna and Refugio mines. Road to left to Alamitos de los Diaz, 10 km. (See the La Luz to La Maroma roadlog.)

La Luz

33.5 53.9

El Mirador. Good view of Potrero and where you just came from below.

33.7 54.3

Entrance to Ogarrio tunnel.

35.1 56.6

Exit the Ogarrio tunnel. Real de Catorce

35.5 57.1

The Real de Catorce plaza.

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